Holland’s Most Charming City: Utrecht

The city of Utrecht in Holland is the country’s fourth largest city. That being said, its city centre known for houses and buildings that go back as early as the Middle Ages can be navigated by foot. That’s why more and more tourists are being charmed by this cool and cosmopolitan city.

There are a lot of things to do and a lot of places to visit in this vibrant student city. The testimonials of young travellers in particular, rave about the funky late night bars and night dance clubs that occupy the subterranean parts of Utrecht. The city is also known for its UNESCO-protected architectures, the sunken wharf cellars and picturesque views which are celebrated on social media from travellers around the world.   

When in Utrecht, here are some activities and places not to miss:

1. Have breakfast at The Village Coffee

Before you start wandering off the city, head straight to this café and sip some of their deliciously brewed coffee while listening to good music.

2. Get a 360-degree view of the city at Domtoren

Domtoren is the country’s highest tower. In 1674, it was detached by a devastating storm from the Cathedral of St. Martin. Atop this 112-metre tower, tourists will be treated with a superb view of the entire city.

3. Explore the city on bike

Probably the best way to travel around the city is on bike. There are bike rental centres where you can hire a bike.

4. Visit St. Martin’s Cathedral

St. Martin’s Cathedral or Domkerk can be traced at the Cathedral Square. Inside, you can see old tombs and the crypt where the internal organs of Conrad II and Henry IV are said to be stored.

5. Go museum-hopping

The Museum of Catharijneconvent, Museum Speelklok, Centraal Museum and the Railway Museum feature some of the best exhibits and galleries in the country. You can find Holland’s largest collection of medieval art treasures at the Museum of Catharijneconvent while Museum Speelklok highlights an assortment of music boxes and barrel organs. If you crave for some art paintings from local painters, such as the Romanists and the Mannerists, pop in at the Centraal Museum. For train enthusiasts out there, the city’s Railway Museum should be included in your itinerary.