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The Clinicians’ Uniform: Designed to Nurture & Perform

Medical workwear for the professional clinician is a uniform that is practical, comfortable and durable enough to be worn every day. Practical and functional is a very important feature of medical clothing and uniforms. Similarly, practical and efficiently designed uniforms are garments that do not restrict the wearer in any way while they are working. Practicality is the design of the garment as well as the fabric the garment is made from. Functional uniforms are garments that deliver added benefits to the wearer like pockets, ID & Instrument loops, drawstrings. Durable uniforms are made from high quality fabrics and high quality manufacturing to ensure long life. Durable scrub sets are also great value for money as they do not have to be replaced often. Choose good quality scrubs and your uniforms will have the best fit and all the best features.

Medical clothing and footwear are designed to protect the wearer while working in medical and health occupations. Medical clothing like white lab coats, consultation jackets provide a layer of strong durable fabric for the wearer and are usually full length sleeves and full length to the wearers knees. Lab coats are made from durable polyester / cotton blends. Medical footwear and shoes as worn by Nurses are designed to protect the wearer from falling objects and splashes. Leather is the perfect material to provide the protection and comfort required by healthcare professionals. Infectious medical can supply your team with the very best uniforms and protective work wear to keep you safe.

Common Heathcare Professions that wear scrubs. When a person thinks of scrubs they think of Doctors, Nurses and Surgeons. But it’s not just Doctors and Nurses who wear scrubs in 2016.  Times have changed and many healthcare professions are seeing that scrubs offer a stylish, comfortable and relatively low cost uniform option. We now find that many Dentists, Vets and even Beauty and Laser therapists are choosing scrubs as their healthcare uniform. So what should you look for when buying scrubs for a particular industry?

Dentists and their Nurses work in close contact with their patients and they are frequently exposed to splashes and particles. It is recommended that Dentists wear scrubs or lab coats with Antimicrobial fabrics with fluid protection. This kind of material can guarantee the following features/ benefits

  • Provides long-lastingfreshness
  • Has a homogeneous finishthroughout garment or textile product
  • Reduces growth of odor-causing and fabric-degradingbacteria
  • Allows for activation only in the presence of unwanted bacteria*
  • Extends the lifeand strength of textile products
  • Provides long-lastingprotection against spills and stains
  • Extends the lifeof the fabric
  • Allows fabric to breathe naturally

Pregnant doctors and nurses can find special maternity scrubs made just for them. In the early months of your pregnancy your regular scrub pants will do just fine. Scrub pants with elastic waist and made from stretch fabric will be more comfortable than a drawstring pant during the first trimester. But you will soon find yourself out growing your regular scrub pants so you will need to invest in some maternity style scrubs to better allow for growth. Maternity scrub pants differ from regular scrubs in that they have a very stretchy and wide waist band that supports your baby bump when you are expecting. High Quality maternity scrubs are also made from a blend of stretch fabric providing extra comfort and durability.